Spiritual Music

We are music ministers with a vision for world peace, compassion, healing and love. Since the early 80’s, we have been performed together for people from around the world. Our New Thought recordings include the all original cd, “Secret Love”, Sunyatta, “In The Spirit” and “The Other Shore”, Sharon and Shelly. In 2006, we moved to the west to expand our horizon and experience more deeply the renewing power of nature.  We became music directors at Unity Church in Littleton, CO.in 2008. We occasionally travel and perform at other like-minded centers.
We believe in the transcending and healing power of music. Our goal is to create a musical environment of love that centers on the divine within everyone. There is a power in the Universe that is in everybody and everything on earth. We know that the power of music can touch and heal the body and soul.
As a young, sensitive child, my desire was to express myself through singing. I had a difficult childhood and grew up in an abusive family. But when I was 23, I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl and my life began to change in an amazing way. I now saw the innocence and radiance of another human being. When I was 25, I had a profound spiritual experience and discovered the power of gratitude. This propelled me to seek a deeper understanding of life. As my family grew, I was drawn to study metaphysical teachings and started practicing meditation. In Zen, there is a saying: “Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field.” I’ll meet you there.
Siddhartha (Herman Hesse bio of Buddha) was required reading in my junior high school. Obsessed with jazz in my young teens, the energy of improvised music freed my mind and soul from conventional thought. As I played the piano, not knowing what would come out, the uncertainty of this freedom became a natural place to be. In the late 60’s through independent study of world religions, yoga, and an adult education course entitled Cosmic Consciousness, the inner passage became inseparable from my outer life. I embraced what some might call, an overly optimistic view of the world and began writing songs to describe the journey to higher consciousness. As jazz began to incorporate more ambient, world and intentional spiritual themes, the term new age music became popular. This positive path for spiritual living continues to guide in miraculous ways, and we are all invited to consider and receive the gifts of the spirit.

Here are a few videos of songs from our recent CD, In the Spirit