Shelly Davis

Classic and contemporary jazz piano never goes out of style with Shelly Davis at the keys.


“Listen to the elegant piano of Shelly Davis… exceptional jazz trio cooks at the Continental” Aspen Times


“a sunny, bluesy, jazzy style that’s the perfect complement to every gin and tonic.”
Chuck Graham, music writer Tucson Citizen Calendar (front page)


“If Alberta Hunter and Eubie Blake were 50 years younger, they’d sound a lot like Sharon and Shelly”
Southeast Entertainer, Orlando, FL


If you’ve checked out the music on our website, you know by now that I enjoy a wide variety of piano styles. Here’s an original I’ve been playing lately for some fun solo piano – DENVER JAM BOOGIE



Here’s a new song I wrote, recorded at the 2017 Five Points Jazz Festival




I like watching documentaries on Netlix and after watching Little Town of Bethlehem (a Christian, a Muslim and a Jew model nonviolence in order to bring an end to the violence between Palestinians and Israelis) sat at the piano and improvised a musical affirmation for peace. I keep an open mind and was blessed with an optimistic nature, so I continue to believe in peace in a world where peace is always possible.