SAS Jazz Sampler

“Playing it, singing it, dancing it, swinging it; as long as it’s jazz” (Shelly Davis 1963)

0 The Look of Love (latin standard) 2005 Make Way For Sharon Rae
3:06 Squeeze Me (bluesy standard) Make Way for Sharon Rae
4:13 It’s Jazz (funk flavor – original) 2001- live at WUCF jazz station
5:56 This is My Prayer (spiritual jazz – funky original) 2013 In the Spirit
9:37 Come Rain Come Shine (swing standard) Make Way for Sharon Rae
11:08 Power Of Every Moment (spiritual jazz – ballad original) – In the Spirit
13:43 Love Being Here With You (swing standard) 2001 – live at WUCF
15:16 Spirit of the Sea (latin original) 2008 Bliss